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  • One of the largest stock of military costums in Europe

  • High quality detailing

  • Very competitive prices

COSTUME & WARDROBE is the french representative of HERO COLLECTION. The company was founded in 1989 and developed production for the cinema industry in 2000. HERO COLLECTION has been involved in more than 200 internationally reknowned films, such as as Atonement, Valkyrie, the War Horse, the Pianist, Inglorious Bastards,  Monument Men, Fury to name a few.  We have  thousands of products in our stock of uniforms and equipment. We are able to fully equip dozens of soldiers and officers from all countries and all periods, from the 18th century to the modern day. Our outfits can be patinated on request.

If you have a specific rental requirement that is not available in our stock we can rapidly manufacture according to your specifications. 

Rental length varies from a few days (15 days minimum charged) to the entire duration of a film shoot (price set initially).

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